The Re-Entry of Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 Well Ready to Contribute to Increasing The National Production

News by Seleraya - November, 04 2023

Jakarta, – The Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 Well, which was spudded on May 29, 2022, and a successful discovery of oil and gas, has been approved for production subject to Put On Production (“POP”) approval dated February 24, 2023. PT Sele Raya Belida (as the operator of the Sele Raya Belida Cooperation Contract Contractor) coordinates with SKK Migas to immediately be able to produce oil and gas from the Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 well.

Re-entry activities of the Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 Well for production preparation have begun on October 12, 2023 using the Eagle Rig-1 with a capacity of 550 HP; Currently, the results of the clean up and flow test have succeeded in obtaining production test results of 8975 Barrels Oil per Day (BPOD) and 8.66 MMSCFD gas from 2 zones.

Zone 2 clean-up and flow test activities have been carried out on November 2, 2023 with production test results of 4233 Barrels Oil per Day (BPOD) and 4.37 MMSCFD gas. Meanwhile, activities in zone 1 have been completed on November 3, 2023 with clean up results and production flow tests of 4742 Barrels Oil per Day (BPOD) and 4.28 MMSCFD gas.

“Like the test results at the time of discovery using tubing 2, 7/8″, the test results of zone 2 and zone 1 of this re-entry activity are also limited by the size of the tubing, even though it has used a larger tubing size (3.5”), even though it can flow even larger, “said Exploration & Exploitation Manager of PT Sele Raya Belida, Doni Argiyanto.

Production & Operation Manager of PT Sele Raya Belda, Kusno Kurniawan said that in the initial production stage, crude oil from the Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 well will be transported via tanker trucks to the Sungai Anggur Field Crude Oil Meter Custody Facility and pumped to an 8″ pipeline operated by PT Medco E&P Indonesia located at KM 20 Pengabuan – Serdang – RU III Plaju line.

Mr. Juchiro Tampi, President & General Manager of PT Sele Raya Belida added that it is planned that the Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 well will produce 1000 bopd in November 2023, and will increase to 2000 bopd in December 2023.

Mr. Juchiro expressed his highest appreciation to all stakeholders, investors and all parties who have been involved in the extraordinary achievements of the South Wine River-1 well, and hoped that it can be a spirit for all of us to continue to look for oil and gas reserves to meet the needs of oil and gas consumption in Indonesia.

PT Sele Raya Belida only needs 8 months for First Oil production of Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 well from POP approval by SKK Migas, and 11 months from First Discovery of Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 well.

Referring to the results of clean-up activities and flow tests that flow significant gas, PT Sele Raya Belida hopes that together with SKK Migas will also monetize gas from this well in 2024.