PT Sele Raya Energi was granted a “direct offer tender” on July 30, 2009 of Blora Block. We comducted joint study with Migas from October 2008 to January 2009, signed the Production Sharing in November 2009


The Production Sharing Contract of Blora Block was signed on November 30, 2009 between BPMIGAS and PT Sele Raya Energi. Blora block which is located onshore Central-East Java, with the surface area after first relinquish of 3,764.90 and situated within the “East Java Basin” currently operated by TIS Petroleum E&P Blora Pte. Ltd., PT Sele Raya Energi holds 15% participating interest in Blora Block.
The Blora Block is situated adjacent to the producing oil and gas fields with the petroleum system is proven. Gas discovery within the block is Rembang field.