PT Sele Raya Belida Success in Oil and Gas Discovery of Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 Well – A Treasure in South Sumatra

News by Seleraya - March, 31 2023

PT Sele Raya Belida as the Operator in the Belida Block, has successfully completed the drilling of the Sungai Selatan-1 Exploration Well. The well point of the Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 is located in the southern part of the Belida Working Area (WK), and administratively it is in Melilian Village, Gelumbang District, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra Province.

The Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 Well was drilled on May 29, 2022, and reached TD on October 12, 2022 at a depth of 7269 feet. The G&G data acquisition program that has been approved by SKK Migas has been successfully completed in this well, including wireline logging, SWC, and MDT data, followed by the implementation of the well test. This well found an oil and gas column with a thickness of about 80 feet in the sandstone reservoir, and based on the results of the well test in the sandstone target of the Talang Akar Formation, it managed to flow 5,451 Barrels Oil per Day (BPOD), 434 Barrels Condensate per Day (BCPD) and 17,986 MMSCFD. Test rates have been constrained by the tubing size and surface facilities.
The Put on Production of Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 well has approved by SKK Migas on February 24, 2023. The oil will be delivered to Sungai Anggur custody meter (about 3 km from the Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 Well location),  and the gas is planned to deliver to the facility at Cantik which is less than 2 kilometres from the well location.

The Sungai Anggur Selatan-1 well is categorized as a key well to open up opportunities for discovering other hydrocarbons in the southern Belida area, so that it is expected to increase oil and gas reserves and production in the Belida Block.